The GameFi Protocol is set to launch its first set of games

3 min readOct 11, 2021

The GameFi Protocol had earlier announced that it has come to introduce innovations to the traditional Gamefi ecosystem, which before now has gained popularity and dominance via the Play to Earn (P2E) model with popular games such as the Axie Infinity. Despite the wide acceptance, several users have faulted this model, sitting Challenges such as a high threshold for participation by beginners, high cost for training players and little or no Return of Investment (ROI) for non professional players (players without enough expertise) and often times they even run into loses.

GameFi Protocol which aims to be the first GameFi mining pool and Aggregation protocol stepped in with a model that aims to upgrade the P2E model, and introduced the Free to Play to Earn model. This model not only reduces the cost of players to participate in GameFi games, but also to allows ordinary users with almost zero experience to participate and make profits. It can be said to be an advanced form of the P2E model.

One of the four main features of the @GamefiProtocol is the Gamelist (Other features can be seen on In the GameList, Users can play different GameFi projects, The GameFi project approved by DAO (Decentralized Self-Regulatory Organization) can be used for IGO-first GameFi release in the Game List of the GameFi Protocol. Furthermore, The GameFi Protocol encourages outstanding GameFi teams to launch GameFi projects with high playability and reasonable tokenomics on Gamelist and decides whether to put them online through GDAO (Decentralized self-regulatory organizations) voting.

On the 30th September, 2021, the GameFi Protocol conducted a community poll to choose the name for the first Game on the Gamelist and the Meow Box was chosen after getting 45% of the total community Vote. That implies that the Meow Box would be the first game to be launched on the new Free to Play to Earn business model. In the Game users will earn NFT’s from playing the game on the platform, this NFT can be used both in the game and can also be traded via the GNFT which will be launched this October too, this can be done through the NFT stake Mining and transaction mining.

With the launch of this game, the GameFi Protocol project team will begin a revolutionary movement in the GameFi Ecosystem and the GFI holders would be in the governance community of the biggest and most rewarding GameFi project.

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