How to Participate in the Genesis Mining of GameFi Protocol

4 min readOct 3, 2021

On 25th September, The GameFi Protocol launched its Genesis Mining platform which is expected to run till the 25th of November, 2021. The GameFi Protocol which is a project that is committed to being first class in the GameFi platform both in aggregation and transaction, launch the Genesis Mining as the first presentation of the core functions of the Gwap section of the platform. Any user who holds GFI can earn GFI by staking GFI.

It was launched with an APY calculator that calculates both the APY and APR based on GFI, the project began with some amazing records such as:
1. An APY of 4496.264%
2. A TVL of over $1.5 million in 24 hrs
3. And even promised to introduce and automatic compound pool.

This article is intended to guide you on how to participate in the Genesis Mining of the GFI. It's important to note that users need to possess GFI assets in order to participate in the Genesis Mining.
1. Connecting your Wallet to the GFI:
To connect your metamask wallet to the GameFi Protocol platform you need to first connect to the BSC mainnet if not done already.
Step one:
Click the network selection button near the top of your metamask wallet

Step two:
Click on Custom RPC and select Custom RPC

Step three:
Enter the following in the BSC Mainnet
Network name: BSC mainnet
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Then Click on save.

2. Participating in the Genesis Mining:
Step one:
Open your metamask Dapp browser and load

Step two:
Go to the GSwap Stake page and connect your metamask wallet

Step three:
After connection, click the current stake mining pool

Step four:
Enable the use of GFI asset, click Confirm.

Step five:
After permission, enter the GFI you need to stake and its quantity.

Step six:
Click again on the wallet authorization and confirm use.

Step seven:
After wallet confirmation, the GFI is successfully staked and will generate earnings.

3. Harvest Procedure: If you want to harvest your earnings in the stake period,
Step one:
Just click harvest,

Step Two:
Connect the wallet and finish the confirmation.

4. Withdrawal procedure: if you want to withdraw all the staked GFI assets,
Step one:
Click the "-" in stake, choose the amount you want to withdraw and then confirm.

Step Two:
Connect the wallet and click confirm. The LP token will be withdrawn and assets will be released from the staked.

🌟🌟About GameFi Protocol Project 🌟🌟

GameFi Protocol is the first GameFi aggregation pool protocol and is committed to being a first-class GameFi platform for aggregation and transaction. GameFi Protocol's governance token is GFI, and GFI holders are entitled to form a GDAO (a form of DAO) to govern the GameFi Protocol community.

The supply of GFI is fixed. 9% of GFI is distributed to the project development and operation team, and will be released linearly in 6 months after the project launch. The entire distribution lasts for 24 months. Like many other projects that insist on fair distribution, the majority of GFI will be awarded to GameFi Protocol's participants. There are multiple ways that GFI users can benefit from the project.

For starters, users can get free GFI token rewards in GSwap by staking GFI or Forth; they can also trade, farm (liquidity mining) in GSwap.

They can also participate in different GameFi projects in the GameList platform, on which everyone can play and earn (earn while playing). Of course, GameFi Protocol also encourages top-notch GameFi teams to bring fun GameFi projects and launch reasonable tokenomics at Gamelist.

Besides, users can purchase NFTs of different GameFi projects at GNFT, including character NFTs, prop NFTs, etc., and participate in NFT staking mining, NFT transaction mining, and NFT synthetic asset mining to get GFI rewards.

By investing in new GameFi projects at GLanunch, GFI participants who hold a certain number of GFIs over a period of time will have an investment share in new GameFi projects.

GameFi Protocol has built Lottery/Grab boxes to bring more fun for users.

GameFi Protocol has a Developer Alliance sector that rewards developers involved in the GameFi Protocol ecosystem, including inGameFi Explorers, GameFi Pro Gamers, code contributors, bug finders, etc.

Of course, GameFi Protocol supports GFI holders to form their own GDAO to govern the GameFi Protocol community, and the GDAO has a democratic system of 1 vote/1GFI. The GDAO can decide the rules of GSwap, GameList, GNFT, GLanunch, Lottery/Grab box, etc., GFI tokenomics, GameFi Protocol strategic planning, as well as other changes and improvements.

Last but not least, GFI tokenomics is at the core to ensure the long-term development of the program. It prioritizes to distribute incentives based on the level of value created for GameFi Protocol.

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