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The recent news surrounding the ban on cryptocurrency related activities in the people’s Republic of China caused quite a significant change in market volatility towards the end of last week (September 24th to 26th 2021).
The bank of China has shown strong resistance to cryptocurrencies which it claimed endangered the properties of its citizens and disrupted economic order. This news caused a dip in almost all cryptocurrencies, despite the counter news from twitter allowing its over 300Million users to carry out transaction of crypto on its site.

However, The $GFI of GamefiProtocol has shown resilience in the storm of it all. A quick research revealed that their activities within the week the potential of the GameFi Protocol project has positively affected the value of the token, giving it resilience and even signalling a pump in price soon following the coming activities on its road map.

GameFi Protocol which is the world's first GameFi mining pool protocol, aiming to build the first global Gamefi aggregation platform. It advocates for the Free to Play to Earn (F2P2E) model which rebrands the traditional Play to Earn(P2E) model that's practised by the GameFi Ecosystem. This will make it easy for everyone to participate in gaming and subsequently make profit. The new model by GameFi Protocol has opened the entrance to the Gaming Metaverse for everyone to participate. Within the week the fastest growing GameFi Project has maintained a stream of activities that have attracted massive investment into the project and more in coming days due to the prospect and potential of the project:

1. Listing of tokens: In the space of seven (7) days, the GFI of GamefiProtocol has been successfully listed on both Decentralised Exchanges and Crypto tracking applications, these has made users who are familiar with this platforms to embrace the high potential token. Some of the platforms it was listed on includes;
a) PancakeSwap
b) CoinGecko
c) CoinMarketCap
d) DappRadar
e) hummingbot (Coin Alpha)
And even promises to be listed on more platform in coming days.

2. Launching of Genesis Mining: the Genesis Mining of GameFi Protocol began on 25th September lasting through 25th November, 2021, it allow users to earn GFI by staking their GFI token. The mining promises a record 4496.264%APY with a pledge of over 400,000 monthly supply of token.

3. The Airdrop: GameFi Protocol in collaboration with CoinMarketCap announced an Airdrop of $10,000 Worth of GFI token on 25th September, 2021, this recorded over 2,000 participant in one hour, showing the interest users have in the project.

4. Future Activities: Following the road map published by GameFi Protocol, it plans to launch the;
A) GameList
C) GSwap Farm
D) Referral System
E) GSwap Trade
F) Big Bounties.
These programs are all channelled at bringing the GameFi Ecosystem closer to the users and encouraging more participation.


The GameFi Protocol through her recent and futuristic plans has attracted massive investment mostly from the gaming sector, it is proving to be the most advanced gaming guide and Aggregating Farming Pool and has managed to remain stable through the crypto storm and In future looks promising to moon. You could also DYOR on the project and tag along as it has a high potential. Here are some links to start from:


More details about the GameFi Protocol can be found on:
Website: https://gamefi.ai
Telegram: https://t.me/GamefiProtocol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamefiProtocol




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